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Petition for the UK to Regulate and administer the Private Security Companies who operate overseas off shore of the UK ,and in particular in FOREIGN COUNTRIES such as IRAQ /AFGHANISTAN /PAKISTAN etc.


              This area of Employment is UNREGULATED and it is widely know, it is open to abuse of its loyal dedicated employees.The so called managers many of whom are exmilitary  are not CIVILIAN  qualified  Managers . The so called Managers often BULLY ,INTIMIDATE ,VICTIMISE, HARRESS  and THREATEN its employee in many aeras such as Misuse of working hours, sending people out with out adequate protection or in some cases NO PROTECTION, unarmed No useful communications , LITTLE OR NO SUPPORT,No welfare, making employes do jobs well outside the JOB DESCRIPTION and often daily threatened with quotes like," IF YOU WANT THIS JOB SHUT UP PUT UP AND DO WHAT I SAY",  or   very often "IF YOU RESIGN OR ROCK THE BOAT I WILL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER WORK IN THIS INDUSTRY AGAIN I'V GOT CONTACTS ", often this is the case . There are many times such incidents have taken place .It is about time  the OVERSEAS PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES  are regualted under UK law for HSE AND other areas such as EMPLOYMENT LAW that will give the Employees a sense of support from such  Bullying tactics .Contracts are signed in the UK  and as such I believe should be dealt with by UK LAW,not as a lot, if not all these UK based and registered companies seem to throw at contractors, that because we are working abraod we cannot sue or take legal action against  them or the INDIVIDUAL abusers for abuse and  who 99 percent of the time are EX MILITARY and have No proper civilian qualifactions in the areas in which they work  .There should be a redress system in UK Law for civilian contractors to be able to take legal action against such abuse .This petition will be forwarded to UK PARLIMENT for putting on the STATUTE Books for law to protect the rights of OVERSEAS CONTRACTORS who are legaly entitled to the full protection of the UK  law as UK CITIZENS 

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